The Research Complex Project” is a project hosted by Japan Science and Technology Agency (“JST”), aiming to assemble the key players from industry, academics, government and financial institutions into one place for the purpose of working together towards a common “vision” of improving the area and its social value. The project aims to grow and develop the foundation of accelerating innovation, in order to unify and integrate the functions of cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and development within Japan and beyond, commercialize the research results, foster human resources, and contribute to regional revitalization.

Keio University set “Tonomachi International Strategic Zone in the surrounding areas of King Skyfront and Haneda International Airport” as a target area, and in collaboration with Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefectural Government, Yokohama City, Ota City, Tokyo University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama City University, FUJIFILM Corporation and CYBERDYNE Inc., proposed the idea of "Wellbeing Research Campus: Creating new values through technological and social innovation" which was adopted as feasibility study business on November 2015. In April 2016, Keio University opened its Tonomachi Town Campus, and in September the campus was selected as the demonstration base. At this base, many companies, research institutes, and foundations other than the joint proposal organizations have cooperated as “participating institutions”, each of which play an important role.

Japan is facing a rapidly ageing society that is unparalleled in the world, which brings many challenges. But in these times it is important to create a "well-being society" that allows everyone to be equal, healthy and secure, living with pride and vigor. The world is paying attention to Japan, a country that achieved the world's top healthy life expectancy through world-class technologies and services, and an excellent social system. In order to achieve the “well-being society”, in addition to the viewpoint of societal sustainability, it is necessary to generate the creation of new value and industry by innovation of technology and systems. Japan embodies a diverse range of products, services and social systems that realize a "well-being society" by themselves, thus possessing the potential to lead the world. In particular, the universities and research institutes leading the world in various technical fields such as robotics, nanotechnology, regenerative medicine etc. are gathering in the Tonomachi district in Kawasaki city as the base of this project, and after several years, it will become an excellent intellectual accumulation site.

Keio University, as a core institution of this project, and as a collaborative hub with Keihinrinkaibu Life Innovation Kokusaisenryaku Sougou Tokku and Ota City Haneda Airport Rinkaibu, will gather various people from outside Japan to promote the formation of an interactive and collaborative platform, “Wellbeing Research Campus”, full of inspiration that will motivate interactions, aiming to realize a more attractive and affluent life for people, setting its base at “Tonomachi Town Campus”.

We would like to open up a new path with all of you who have gathered here, in order for Tonomachi to develop into a region which leads the world by embracing the power of science and technology.

Keio University
President Akira Haseyama

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