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News Releases


Keio University and Kawasaki City has formed agreements to cooperate regarding Tonomachi Town Campus


On April 1, Keio University opened its third town campus, “Keio University Tonomachi Town Campus” in King Skyfront located in the Tonomachi district of Kawasaki City after Shin-Kawasaki and Tsuruoka campus.

Additionally on April 11, Keio University entered a collaborative partnership with Kawasaki City for the purpose of promoting research and education at the new campus.
At the signing ceremony, President Atsushi Seike and Mayor of Kawasaki Mr. Norihiko Fukuda both delivered an address before signing the agreement.
The objective of this agreement is to promote the development of local communities, research and education, and industry by expanding the scope and scale of Keio’s research and educational activities; facilitating more collaboration between scholars, industrialists, and government administrators; and promoting innovation and the creation of new industries.

On the same day, the Wellbeing Research Campus “Tonomachi” Kickoff Symposium was held at the JOHNSON & JOHNSON K.K. TOKYO SCIENCE CENTER. At the symposium, Keio University—the core organization for the Japan Science and Technology Agency Research Complex Program (Tonomachi, Kawasaki City feasibility study, November 2015)—was joined by a diverse range of industrial, academic, and governmental organizations that are working together at KING SKYFRONT. With the opening of the new town campus, the symposium was held with the objective of accelerating the progress of the Research Complex Program.

Professor Larry J. Shapiro (former Dean of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis) was one of the keynote speakers, and the program included a session and panel discussion related to the Tonomachi district. The venue was filled to capacity and the participants were eager to find out about the current status and future prospects of Tonomachi.

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