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News Releases


Keio University School of Medicine and CYBERDYNE Inc. has formed agreements to cooperate regarding medical innovation.

Keio University School of Medicine and CYBERDYNE INC. has concluded a partnership in order to advance and accelerate the world’s first, cutting-edge research project and to realize medical innovations for the purpose of making direct contributions to “extending healthy life expectancy”, using “Robot Suit HAL® for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type)” (hereafter referred to as “HAL® for Medical Use”).

This partnership aim to realize “wellbeing society” where people can live healthy and safely with pride and with a long healthy life span by supporting and cooperating using human power, intellect and material resources that both has built up.

The research complex program promoted by Japan Science and Technology Agency (hereinafter referred to as JST) will be used to begin the world’s first cutting edge research at Tonomachi town campus opened on April 1st 2016 by Keio University in “Tonomachi International Strategic Zone King Skyfront ”(Kawasaki City).
HAL® for medical use got marketing authorization as medical devices (subject to slowly progressing degenerative neurological and muscular disorder) from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. It will be used to research the effectiveness of “combined usage of spinal cord regeneration treatment and HAL® for Medical Use as functional regeneration treatment” for chronic spinal cord injury patients and patients who have had spinal cord tumor surgery.
This research is hoped to lead to the cutting edge medical technology that is expected to develop at King Skyfront which is designated as Keihinrinkaibu Life Innovation Kokusaisenryaku Sougou Tokku.
In the signing ceremony held at Keio University Mita Campus on April 18th, following Hideyuki Okano, Medical Department manager, Yoshiyuki Sankai President and CEO of Cyberdyne Inc greeted and then signed the agreement. Atsushi Seike, president of Keio University also made an appearance to express his hope that this collaboration will contribute to the people around the world. This was followed by an introduction to the research and a demonstration for HAL® medical use as if it was like the first powerful step towards accelerating clinical research.

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