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News Releases


The surrounding areas of Tonomachi Town Campus King Skyfront has been chosen as the base for Research Complex Program

Today, (September 29), the surrounding areas of King Skyfront (Tonomachi district in Kawasaki City) including Keio University Tonomachi town campus was officially adopted as the only base for “Global standard Wellbeing Research Campus for the creation of new industries by innovation of social system and technology” by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) in the East Japan area. This base aim to create knowledge and services to realize a more attractive and rich life as world renown research complex by going through the confronting problems of super aging society that Japan is experience and play the role of leadership to continuously improve the wellbeing of people from around the world.

Therefore, the core organization, Keio University, collaborates with local governments such as Kawasaki City and Kanagawa Prefectural Government, various universities and research institutions to construct integrated data science platform, “Person-centered Open Platform for wellbeing” centering around 4 fields; “Regenerative · Cell Medicine, Experimental Animals", “Healthcare Operation System in coordination with AI”, “Robotics・Medical Equipment" and “ Molecular Design・Nanofabrication“. And promote business based on the fusion research of different fields and its results, develop entrepreneurs in the field of healthcare, nurture data science personnel etc. and technological innovation that integrates life sciences, information and manufacturing, and accelerate social implementation to create new fields and new industries.

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