News Releases

News Releases

2017 January 31st

1st 「Tonomachi Wellbeing Lab」
〜Letʼs share what you want in Tonomachi with everyone〜 was held

The core members of this project gathered together to discuss about how to proceed with Tonomachi project.

On the day, Professor Maeno of Graduate School of System Design and Management Keio University and Kazuhiro Nakamura, a profession in “dialogue” was invited as a moderator. And other professors from fusion research and nurturing of the personnel who are the key members of this project were also invited to discuss how to make research complex business in Tonomachi successful based on “dialogue”. Participants were separated in different groups and got a basic lecture on how to create “dialogue”. At first there was confusion, but as time went on, participants could talk about their real feelings and it was possible to make it clear on what each individuals were thinking.

We hope that this lab will expand more and to those who are involved in this project to be able to “share their true feelings”.

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