News Releases

News Releases

July 10, 2017

The Wellbeing Innovation Symposium Held

On Friday, June 23, a symposium titled “Wellbeing Innovation Symposium: How Next Generation Healthcare will Shape the Future of Societies” was held at the West School Building Hall on Mita Campus.

The event, which was rich in content, started with a welcome and opening address by the host organization, delivered by President Haseyama, and a greeting by the distinguished guest. This was followed by a special lecture, keynote speech, and a panel discussion. The day ended with an address from Professor Hideyuki Okano, Dean of the School of Medicine and Chairman of the Board of LINK-J (Life Science Innovation Network Japan, Inc.).

Taking global trends into consideration, such as the third AI boom and big data, the symposium looked at the future prospects of the development of de facto standards beyond these current trends. Examples of today’s cutting-edge technologies from Japan and around the world were introduced, and experts from industry, government, and academia discussed how next generation healthcare will shape the future of societies.

Over 500 participants working in a wide range of fields attended, and the event was covered by the media, including TV coverage. It was an accomplishment for the Japan Science and Technology Agency’s (JST) Research Complex Program, which Keio University is developing as the core organization.

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